FIFA launched 2010 FIFA World Cup Legacy Trust for South Africa

Tuesday 21 December 2010 @ 9:10 am

Following a meeting with the President of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter presented the 2010 FIFA World Cup Legacy Trust at Soccer City in Johannesburg. This trust will support a wide range of public benefit initiatives in the areas of football development, education, health and humanitarian activities in South Africa. The trust forms part of FIFA’s 2010 FIFA World Cup-related legacy programmes and delivers on FIFA’s pledge to ensure that South Africans will continue to benefit from the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The trust amounts to USD 100 million, USD 80 million of which is being allocated directly to social community projects. The remaining USD 20 million was already provided to the South African Football Association (SAFA) in the build-up to the event for preparations and for the construction of SAFA House. As a first project financed by the trust, FIFA purchased 35 of the team buses and a fleet of 52 cars, which were handed over to SAFA today for transport of their regional teams.

The trust will be administered by international auditing company Ernst and Young while the trustees, consisting of a representative each from FIFA, SAFA, the government and the private sector, will evaluate into which public-benefit projects the money is invested. All projects must be submitted to the trustees for review with one of the decisive conditions being that they must be for public benefit only.

The beneficiaries will be selected for projects within the following four areas:
• Football: administration, development, coordination or promotion of non-professional football.
• Education and development: provision of education by a school as defined in the South African Schools Act.
• Health care: provision of health care services to disadvantaged communities, including prevention of HIV infection and other preventative and education programmes.
• Humanitarian activities: community development for disadvantaged persons and anti-poverty initiatives.

“The trust is the latest piece in our mosaic of 2010 FIFA World Cup-related legacy activities for South Africa and the African continent. This is also a reward for South Africans for having been such great hosts. We have always said that the first FIFA World Cup on African soil should leave a lasting sports and social legacy once the tournament is over. This trust is yet another concrete achievement in this area,” said the FIFA President.

“We achieved our goals with regard to the successful hosting of the FIFA World Cup event. Now remains the difficult but most important task of ensuring a lasting legacy and to build world-class national teams both at youth and senior level. The FIFA World Cup Legacy Trust which is being launched today is an important contribution to the achievement of that goal,” said President Jacob Zuma.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup Legacy Trust adds to a series of legacy initiatives launched and implemented by FIFA since 2005, consisting of the 20 Football for Hope Centres, the Win in Africa with Africa initiative, the 11 for Health campaign as well as the 2010 FIFA World Cup Ticket Fund. FIFA also supports the 1 GOAL: Education for All initiative co-chaired by Queen Rania of Jordan and the FIFA President.

2010 World Cup final winners Spain return home for celebration

Tuesday 13 July 2010 @ 11:56 am

World Cup 2010: Spain’s World Cup final winning team has returned home on Monday to a countrywide celebration.

Hundreds of thousands of people turned the streets of Madrid into a sea of red, the color of the national team.

Before the grand parade in which they showed the trophy to the whole country, the players got a more formal congratulation from King Juan Carlos, then were congratulated by Prime Minister Zapatero.

Even if the day was not an official holiday, all of Spain acted like it was on Monday. This celebration of football united people in Spain for the first time in years, making them see past their differences.

Another interesting fact is that, during the celebration, Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas was dressed by Pique and Puyol in an FC Barcelona shirt. Then, goalkeeper Pepe Reina has called the midfielder the future of the Catalan club.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has expressed his desire to keep the player.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Spain is the new world champion!

Monday 12 July 2010 @ 12:10 pm

2010 FIFA World Cup: Spain has won World Cup 2010 in the second half of extra time.

It was a very dynamic game, one that started with a first half that had a lot of hard tackles.

Then, in the second half, both teams kept the ball in midfield more. Both of them had many good opportunities to score, and Arjen Robben could have closed the game on two occasions. Casillas was at his post and the score remained 0-0.

The same happened for David Villa, as he was well marked.

The game got into extra time and, just when it seemed that we would have a penalty shootout, Andres Iniesta scored with a fabulous effort and closed the game.

Spain are the new world champions, managing to achieve the double. They are world champions and European champions at the same time.

World Cup 2010: Shakira to Perform Waka Waka at Closing Ceremony

Wednesday 7 July 2010 @ 12:49 pm

Shakira and special guest Freshlyground will be performing the #1 Hit “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)” during the closing ceremonies of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The performance will take place on the field at Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg on July 11 at 6:42 local time to precede the final match of the cup and will be available to all FIFA network partners.

Sony Music announced today that Shakira featuring Freshlyground’s Waka Waka (This Time For Africa), the Official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup(TM), has reached one million singles sold since it became available May 11. In the history of the World Cup. “Waka Waka” is the fastest-selling single and the biggest-selling World Cup single of the digital age. All proceeds from the song will benefit FIFA’s Official Campaign of the 2010 FIFA World Cup(TM) “20 Centers for 2010.”

The song was written and co-produced by global superstar Shakira. The song is as international as the games themselves. It is inspired by an African marching chant, “Zangalewa” made popular by the Cameroonian group Golden Voices and combines Afro-Colombian instrumentation and rhythms with a rousing Soca beat and Southern African choir and guitar. It is also included on “Listen Up! The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Album(TM)” released by Sony Music Entertainment.

Uruguay vs. Netherlands latest news

Tuesday 6 July 2010 @ 2:32 pm

Suarez won’t be in the Uruguay lineup tonight, as Uruguay plays Netherlands.

Uruguay is probably the most unexpected semifinal presence.

Some people didn’t even expect Uruguay to get out of a group that featured some strong teams, including France.

Well, they did and went from one game to another to reach this semifinal. They meet a very strong opponent, the Netherlands, a team with class players.

Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez does not seem that worried, though. Tabarez has said that the whole pressure is on the Dutch in the game tonight, as nobody expects his side to win.

Uruguay have been World champions in 1930 and 1950, but they are not considered favorites for tonight’s game. They are the only South American team still in the competition and the biggest surprise.

They won’t be able to use Suarez tonight, as he is suspended for the red card he received in the game against Ghana.

Argentina vs. Germany 4-0: Maradona’s team goes home

Monday 5 July 2010 @ 8:13 am

Argentina vs. Germany finished in a 4-0 that is an incredible display of power by Joachim Low’s boys.

Nobody, and certainly not Maradona, could have predicted what happened today.

Most people would have said that this is very balanced game, one not to bet on. Germany proved them wrong by completely trashing Argentina.

Maradona’s boys showed that they were just what the doctor ordered for the Germans: a team that tries to attack, but does it not as a team, but as individual players.

Things were, clearly, worsened by the fact that Argentina has conceded a goal in the 3rd minute (Muller the scorer).

After that, Argentina tried to make up the lost time, but couldn’t. Their shots all ended up in Neuer’s hands.

All hell broke loose for Argentina in the second half. As they tried to attack, Germany became more and more dangerous when counterattacking and scored again, in the 68th and 74th minute. Klose and Friedrich were the ones to penalize Argentina’s defensive innocence.

The third goal was actually Schweinsteiger’s, because he was the one to dribble past the whole Argentinean defense.

The fourth goal, again by Klose, only came as a confirmation that Germany is a force and Argentina is going one.

The Mannschaft goes on to meet the winner between Spain and Paraguay.

Spain beats Paraguay 1-0 to get to semifinals

Monday 5 July 2010 @ 8:11 am

World Cup 2010: Spain beat Paraguay last night, but it wasn’t as easy as everybody thought.

Paraguay decided not to go down easily and the first half was very balanced.

Paraguay had the bigger opportunities; they kept Spain at a good distance and Spain only got one real attempt at the Paraguayan goal. Xavi struck a strong shot, but the ball went over. Paraguay even had a disallowed goal for an offside (a very close call, though, that said a lot of their intentions).

Spain became more incisive in the second half, but Paraguay was the one to get a penalty.

A penalty that Cardozo calmly missed (or Casillas parried, depending on how you want to put it). Just a minute later, Spain got a penalty, all across the field, in a game that was becoming crazier and crazier. Xabi Alonso scored, but the referee wouldn’t have it, because a Spanish player had entered the neutral zone.

The penalty was repeated, but this time Villar parried and Paraguay’s hopes were back.

Not for long, though. David Villa scored in the 83rd minute and, even if Paraguay had another huge opportunity, this dramatic clash was over.

Spain goes through to the semifinals, to meet Germany.

Netherlands vs. Brazil 2010: Dutch team show character and qualify

Saturday 3 July 2010 @ 1:16 pm

Netherlands go through to the semifinals after what was one of the most beautiful games at World Cup 2010 so far.

The Netherlands never stopped believing in their chance and were the winners.

The game started better for Brazil. They were the dominating team, looked much better in the first half and, after Robinho scored in the 10th minute, they looked qualified. Especially since they continued to press hard and only Stekelenburg stopped their attacks.

The second half was completely different. The Netherlands came out of the dressing rooms completely different team. Everything started working out for them almost instantly, starting with a cross at the end of which was…Brazil’s Felipe Melo.

Melo scored an own goal and Sneijder was the one that scored for 2-1 15 minutes later.

Even if Brazil did have some chances, Netherlands was still the better team.

The same Melo got a red card after a late tackle and that was about it for Brazil.

The Netherlands looked better and deservedly went through.

Uruguay vs. Ghana 2010: Uruguay qualify after dramatic penalties

Saturday 3 July 2010 @ 1:14 pm

Uruguay vs. Ghana 2010: Uruguay beat Ghana and is through to the semifinals after a game in which luck wasn’t something Ghana’s Gyan had.

The two teams looked much focused in the first 90 minutes. Both attacked, producing a great game for the viewers and spectators.

Uruguay seemed to have the edge in the first 20 minutes, but then Ghana started dominating the game. They actually managed to put that domination on the table, and scored in the last minute of the first half. The scorer was Muntari. It was the 47th minute and nobody expected what was coming.

Diego Forlan scored from a free kick and the same counterattacking game continued. You just couldn’t take your eyes off the pitch, as both teams ran tirelessly.

Even with a lot of chances, nobody scored and we got to extra time. Chances continued to come one after the other, until something incredible happened.

A handball by Suarez (he was eliminated) to take the ball out of goal and Ghana had a penalty. It was the 122nd minute and Gyan, one of Ghana’s best men, was the one to take the penalty kick. He hit the crossbar!

It was off to a penalty shootout that Uruguay won. Gyan scored the first penalty, but that didn’t help his team.

The last African team leaves the tournament after what must have been the most dramatic game so far.

Uruguay goes through to meet the Netherlands in the quarter-finals.

Netherlands vs. Brazil: Clash of the titans

Friday 2 July 2010 @ 2:08 pm

Netherlands meets Brazil in one of the most interesting semifinal games at World Cup 2010.

This should be a great game, considering how these two have performed in the competition so far.

Both teams have had very good results, in the group stage and in the first game of the knockout stage.

What’s even more interesting is that both have given the impression that they are winning games and scoring goals without having to work so hard.

What differs is the way they do it. Brazil has a very stable defense and usually scores when a few players create a great move – be it Luis Fabiano, Robinho or Elano, now injured.

The Netherlands are also very good defensively, but they favor a very good collective play.

These approaches meeting will make this a very interesting encounter. Let’ see who goes through, shall we?

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